Test System Solutions

Test Management

Most of our customers have the ability to learn TestStand/Test Executive but they do not have the time or the bandwidth. For most product companies, automated test in not a core competency and it is therefore a good task to be outsourced. That’s where Test System Solutions comes in! Whether your requirements call for a small set of test sequence development, a custom enterprise level Test Management solution or the experience of an architect to guide your project in the right direction, our engineering team has the experience, training and bandwidth to maximize your company’s productivity and success.

Test Executive Development

Our core expertise for a test management software application is with TestStand. NI TestStand is a ready-to-run test management software that is designed to help develop automated test and validation systems faster. NI TestStand can be utilized to develop, execute, and deploy test system software. In addition, it can be utilized develop test sequences that integrate with code modules written in any test programming language. The TestStand test sequences also specify execution flow, reporting, database logging, and connectivity to other enterprise systems. Finally, it can be used to deploy test systems to production with easy-to-use operator interfaces. TestStand allows for the rapid development of robust, flexible and scalable test management software and it is our preferred, tool for the development of a Test Executive, However, rest assured our engineers are very capable of developing a custom test executive in LabVIEW for smaller projects or projects where TestStand may not be a suitable. Our engineers go through rigorous software development training, follow a strict software engineering guide line which enforces the use of architectures and design patterns that promote the development of scalable, modular and maintainable software. The scalable architecture allows ease of future software upgrades. The modular design allows for code reuse or serves as a good starting point for new projects.

TestStand Customization

Managers and engineers need a properly designed Test management software which is scalable to accommodate additional test as requirements change or new requirements are added to provide the necessary test coverage for future product enhancement. Test System Solutions has the engineers experienced in the customization of all areas of the TestStand environment including process model customization, user-interface development and developing custom Steps. This enables us to provide Test management solutions for the most complex requirements.

Key Features of TestStand
  • Develop Test Systems Faster With NI TestStand: With the Sequence Editor, seen on the left, you can create test sequences that automate the execution of code modules written in any programming language. Each code module executes a test on the device under test and returns measurement information to NI TestStand. You can log test result information in a report or database automatically. In addition, systems written in NI TestStand can integrate with source code control, requirements management, and data management systems.
  • Deploy Test Systems Easier With NI TestStand: After development is complete, you can use the NI TestStand Deployment Utility to create a distribution or installer of code modules, test sequences, and related files to deploy automated test systems to production. In addition, NI TestStand helps deployment by providing simple operator interfaces that can execute the test system and reduce operator error. You can also create custom operator interfaces, like the one seen on the left, in a number of different programming languages to meet a variety of application requirements.
  • Increase Test Throughput With NI TestStand: NI TestStand has built-in options to test multiple devices in parallel and also to run multiple tests on the same device simultaneously, allowing you to greatly increase test throughput while minimizing the cost of additional test equipment. The NI TestStand execution engine is highly optimized to obtain the best possible test times.
  • The Industry Standard for Automated Test: NI TestStand is used by companies that need a scalable, reliable, and efficient solution for test automation in a wide variety of industries, ranging from defense and aerospace applications to medical and life sciences products to everyday consumer electronics.
  • Publish Test Results With NI TestStand: NI TestStand can automatically generate reports for each test in a variety of industry standard formats such as ATML, XML, HTML, and text as well as log these test results to your enterprise databases for future analysis.