Test System Solutions

System Integration

The way we put it together sets us apart!

One of the biggest challenges that electronic manufacturers face is the allocation of resources to address the industrialization of new and next-generation of products. Understanding the optimal test solution, the design of test systems and the test capabilities of alternative solutions are specialized engineering competencies.

When you consider that the technologies available to test electronic products are developing and changing as rapidly as the products themselves, you realize that this unprecedented rate of change over-burdens in-house engineering personnel and creates a drain on your resources. Those who are best deployed designing and developing products are being diverted from their core competencies to develop test programs for the products.

TSS exists in order to solve this problem. TSS is a system integration and test automation specialists. We know the right questions to ask. We understand what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve done the analysis, we’ve used the products and we can deliver.

Our engineering teams have “hands-on” experience on high-volume manufacturing lines. TSS has spent years dealing with the total production process – reducing test times, improving process yields, working failure mode effects analysis, and integrating final test with upstream test, quality and production process. We understand the complete industrialization process:

  • Product Analysis
  • Product Process and Test Development
  • Factory Adaptation & Qualification
  • Product Process Verification and Validation

TSS is a means for you to design and develop your test systems with minimal distraction to your engineering team. Our entire structure is set up to deliver an optimum test solution for ever part of your product lifecycle, as though we are part of your in-house team.