Test System Solutions

Software Development

Most of our customers have the ability to learn LabVIEW but they do not have the time or the bandwidth. For most product companies, automated test in not a core competency and it is therefore a good task to be outsourced. That’s where Test System Solutions comes in! Whether your requirements call for a small data acquisition application, a custom enterprise level solutions or the experience of an architect to guide your project in the right direction, our engineering team has the experience, training and bandwidth to maximize your company’s productivity and success.

Test Application/Code Module Development

Our core expertise for software development is with LabVIEW. An extensive set of powerful tools for instrument control, data acquisition, storage and analysis are built into the LabVIEW development platform. The simplicity of its graphical programming environment coupled with the plethora of built-in tools for test automation provides LabVIEW with an unparalleled and unmatched advantage over other programming languages. LabVIEW allows for the rapid development of robust and flexible test software application and it is our preferred, tool for software development, However, rest assured our engineers are very capable of interfacing LabVIEW with software applications, data analysis algorithms and code modules developed in other languages such as C/C++, C#, Visual Basic via ActiveX APIs, Dynamic Link Libraries (DDLs) and many other application interface technologies.

Our engineers go through rigorous software development training, follow a strict software engineering guide line which enforces the use of architectures and design patterns that promote the development of scalable, modular and maintainable software. The scalable architecture allows ease of future software upgrades. The modular design allows for code reuse or serves as a good starting point for new projects.

Test Data Storage and Custom Report Generation

Managers and engineers need a properly designed test data management system to extract meaningful information from their test data. Whether your database needs are for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, ORACEL or National Instruments DIAdem. Test System Solutions has the engineers experienced in the latest database technologies to design your test data management software. Our expertise with database technologies coupled with our knowledge and experience in developing custom report generation tool for the visual presentation of test data in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML, Acrobat PDF and Crystal reports enables us to provide Test data managements solutions for the most complex requirements.